Frederick Douglas's Narrative: Life As An American Slave

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Frederick Douglass in the peak of his existence was a symbol of the abolitionist movement, as by writing the Narrative he writes to the people his life as a slave. His writing of his years as a slave stood out differently than other slaves autobiographies, because he wrote not of of pity, but in a since of informing on the irony of being an American slave, but not holding any the values of being an American. His writing showed such intelligence, as he brought deep questions to the table on what freedom for people was in America, one thing that many other slaves autobiography lacked. Fredrick Douglass Narrative is important in American history, as he pushed Americans to question the human spirt, leading African Americas to fight for equality.
Living life as an American slave, Douglass had a true experience of how America
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Giving readers an insight of the works of being an American slave, one can find the irony of how an american slave lacks the quality of being american, freedom. Writing the Narrative was his first step on the movement. After the release of his writings he is seen as an itellicual man for questioning the structure of the country of America. He later goes on to write in many aboshionlists newspapers. He also gives many speeches one of the most famous includes “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July”, where he is the stricking question “Are the great principles of politcal Freedom and of natural justice embodied in that Declaration of indepence, extended to us [blacks]?”. Throught this famous speech he points out that America is not true to is founding principes told in the declaration of Indepence that all men are created equal. These speeches and writing of Federick Douglass has made him out to be a founder in the abliotion movements sparking the fire he has created a chain of events for the fight of equality in

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