Color Symbolism In The Scarlet Letter

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Often in life a single mistake can determines ones future. Color can also play a role in the concept of life, and the different things that happen throughout it. In the novel The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, the author focuses on the Puritan society, specifically their perspectives on life regarding adultery, sin and forgiveness. Throughout the novel, Hawthorne uses the idea of color to express these concepts with red, black and white, showing the good and evil woven into the society.
As the novel begins, color is used fairly often more than not to describe the theme of good and evil. The color red is used quite a lot in the beginning of the novel, for the scarlet letter is referred to and introduced right away. The scarlet letter
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Surprisingly, Hester of everyone still holds a little darkness inside her and bad. It may not be evil, but it is not good. She finds herself all alone as she gets older and time goes on, and the happiness, if it was ever inside her, virtually vanishes and she is left with her dark soul. “Here had been her sin; here her sorrow; and here has yet to be her penitence” (Hawthorne, 179). Hawthorne throughout the novel had shown Hester as more of a transcendentalist, having a free spirit and doing what she wanted to do. This is how the whole affair happened, and where the scarlet letter came from. However, as the novel came to a close the reader learns that through it all, even when she stood up for herself, Hester still held and holds her sorrow and sadness for what she did. Typically, she would be the hero of the story, overcoming whatever she came across, but we learn that even after it all she was not completely over it. The fact that she still had regret and sorrow is not a good thing, because from it all she had gotten Pearl, which was such a joy and a good thing, but she still sees it as bad. She still saw it all as sin and that proves how the blackness and darkness inside her represent the bad and

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