Sisyphus: The King Of Corinth

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Sisyphus was the King of Corinth that was damned to an eternity of repetitiveness in moving a boulder up a hill only to watch it roll back down the hill just to repeat the process. The gods thought this was an appropriate punishment due to his chronic defiance of the gods’ wishes by defying their wishes and literally locking death in chains. Due to this unique punishment, Camus has termed Sisyphus the absurd hero and claims that his punishment is symbolic of the human condition of strife and struggle. Essentially, Sisyphus must toil day in and day out without any hope of accomplishment. It is not until he comes to terms with his struggles and accept them as his life, that Sisyphus is able to entertain the idea of happiness.
According to Camus,
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In fact, I see routine and daily life as monotonous. I am coming to the realization that daily routine is the boulder that I continuously roll up a hill just to see it roll back down again. It seems that this is because I am not happy in my life. If the truth be told, I actually have lost myself in a relationship that I no longer want to be part of but cannot find a “clean” way out. I have spent so much time and energy trying to save a relationship that cannot be saved just because I do not want to look like the bad guy or hurt anyone, especially myself. Consequently, I continue to roll through my daily life just going through the motions while day dreaming about something greater. Essentially, I want more than a relationship with a man that I barely tolerate just because I love his daughter as if she were my own. In retrospect, I have learned that she is the reason that I have continued to walk down a path of never ending misery in hopes that the moments of true happiness she brings me might one day be enough. In a sense it seems that my bolder of strife is going through the motions of family life, even though I know it is not the right fit for my life at this time. I keep rolling through my life trying to fix the things that are broken just to see the bolder roll back down the hill when one or both …show more content…
It is on the journey of life where true meaning and bliss is found. Moreover life can be a fruitless reality where one has little to show for their hard work and labor other than strife and discontent. Therefore one has to let go on searching for meaning in end results and start learning about one 's self from the lessons that life gives to us along the journey of life. It is only when we can stop asking ourselves what is the meaning of life that we can step outside of ourselves and look at the bigger picture. This will allow one to find their true bliss in something outside of them self and not toil in trying to achieve the worldly successes and/or failures that comprise our life thus leaving us unsatisfied and wanting more. With this realization man can now become liberated from the bonds of finding the meaning of life within oneself and learn to look outside of life and/or to God for something greater that will give each of us our own individual meaning and ultimate bliss. The trick is to listen to both ourselves and the world for guidance along this journey. If we do not learn how to listen, we will run the risk of losing ourselves in the

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