The Symbolic Interactionism Of Human 's Social Life Essay

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The Symbolic Interactionism: Symbols Define Life and Humans’ Behavior.
A college freshman was smoking with his peers at the smoking area, he whistled out loud when a couple of college girls walked by, they all burst into a satisfactory laughing, then they went on with their chatting as of there was nothing interrupted them. The same student I saw in the hallway, he stepped to the side as his female professor walked by him, he smiled at her, and bowed his head low until she passed him. Why is the same person behaved differently toward different females? This student behavior is what sociologists want to study. Sociology is about curiosity of human’s behavior. Sociologist observe society, develop sociology perspective theories, and use them to study the way of how and why human behave within their society.
There are three primary theoretical perspectives that sociologists use to study and interpret the behavior of human’s social life: The Symbolic Interactionism, the Functional Analysis, and the Conflict. By definition, Symbolic Interactionism a theoretical perspective in which society is viewed as a composed of symbols that shared accordantly meaning that would influence the humans’ behavior interaction between one to another; It is a face-to-face interaction. Functional Analysis interpret the interrelated parts of society are functional, in which they view this society as a whole unit that composed various parts work together. The Conflict Theory developed by Karl Marx…

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