The Symbol Of The Rose In A Rose By Chily Emily

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On most occasions, the author uses symbolism so that objects are clearly stated so the reader can get a better understanding of things. Symbolism is an excellent way to help the reader get a better understanding of the characters and objects being portrayed. The author usually utilizes symbolism so that you can be put into a certain mood and get a better feel and connection with the story. Usually symbolism is defying an object to give it a whole other different meaning that is much more deep and harder to find. The metaphor “time is money and money is time” represents how money should be used wisely in a matter of time. Money and time mean two very different things but both represent the same importance of using your money and time wisely. …show more content…
The rose represents young love as in young lovers get each other roses to show their affection to one another. Emily never got the chance to accept a rose from anyone because of her father, but once she met Homer she finally accepted the “rose” and fell deeply in love with him.
Emily’s hair is a symbolic reference of her sexuality. Seattle Pi insists that “Emily’s hair is symbolic of her sexuality throughout the story. After her father dies she cuts her hair appearing like a young girl.” Her hair represents her sexuality due to the fact that she cut her hair after her father died in order to make herself appear as if she was young again. Although she was in her thirties when she decided to cut her hair she wanted to maintain a look as if she was still in her youth.
Another symbol used in A Rose for Emily is her sexual immaturity. Her young appearance is a symbol of her sexual immaturity which was frozen in time since her father took away all her chances to experience life with another man. Her father took away all opportunities to go out and find the right one for her to marry. Emily has one last chance to be intimate with someone, but as soon as Homer was murdered her hair turned grey and she became an ugly woman. She wasn’t getting any younger and unfortunately has no other chance to marry someone

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