The Swot Analysis of the North Face Essay

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| Strengths 1. An international brand sensation. 2. Particular brand culture 3. With leading technology development ability and also well product quality 4. Marketing both online and offline | Weakness 1. The market started late in China 2. With high features of specialty of the products 3. High products price 4. Weakness on the level of marketing of channel manager | Opportunities 1. The enterprise expand with high growth rate in China (50%) 2. The increasing of Chinese purchasing power and brand awareness 3. The increasing needed of functional and personable products | Matching 1. Strength the brand awareness 2. Develop new functional products which are more suitable for Chinese market 3. Hold promotion …show more content…
The second strength is the North Face has Particular brand culture. “Culture is Brand, Brand is Culture” Hugh ever said it. (Macphie, 2012) When people talk about the North Face, they will first think about the North Face’s particular culture. This could be strength for the North Face because a well-known story about the product can attract lot of fans to purchase this product. Since 1966 the first North Face product came out, the North Face has written almost 50 years history. (, 2013) The North Face’s third strength in China is that, it has leading technology ability. In 2006, one of its famous products, the Ultra GTX XCR running shoes, won the awards of “Installation of the Year” by Outdoor Magazine. (, 2013) High consumer loyalty needs high product quality. As previous said, every product of the North Face use the highest technology fabric to make sure each product has high quality. With leading technology ability and ultrahigh product quality, the North Face owned quite a lot of market share in the world. Talk about the strength of the North Face, its marketing method is cannot not mentioned. The North Face made double line market, the online and offline. This makes it stay leading in the business.


Although the North Face establish almost 50 years, it started very late in China. In 2008, the first flagship store settled in Beijing. Compare with other famous outdoor product brand (see in chart 4), the North Face

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