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12 September 2013 Study Guide Questions: The Once and Future King
1. Sir Ector insists for Kay and the Wart to be educated in chivalry and academics. What they studied was different depending on the day. Sir Ector also wanted them to have a tutor after talking to Sir Grummore.
2. The relationship between Kay and the Wart is complicated. Wart knows that he is not the real son and that Kay is the older one, heir, and future knight. Wart looks at Kay as an older brother and idol, but Kay does not treat the Wart as well. Kay talks down and is arrogant, spoiled, and bossy. Wart, on the other hand, is compassionate.
3. In chapter one, medieval life is shown at first by being
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Kay reacts in the normal way, but Wart reacts in a brave way.
9. During King Pellinore and Sir Grummore’s fight, they would miss each other and procrastinate. Once it was finally over, Merlyn guaranteed that Sir Grummore will invite King Pellinore over for the night later. There was no point in the fight and Merlyn told the Wart to come with Kay and him to see some real tilting.
10. After the Wart has successfully completed his ordeal, Balin makes the significant prediction that the Wart will become king.
11. Kay become jealous of the Wart because the Wart is able to go on all kinds of adventures with Merlyn and he does not. Merlyn tells the Wart of a story about Elijah and the Rabbi Jachanan. He explains that what is good for a person may be bad for another.
12. Morgan le Fay has captured Friar Tuck, one of Robin’s men; Wat, a local idiot; and Dog Boy, one of Sir Ector’s servants. Robin needs the boys’ help to rescue all three men.
13. Robin needs the boys’ help because only innocent boys may enter Morgan le Fay’s castle.
14. A crow sits on the highest tower of Morgan le Fay’s Castle Chariot.
15. At the end of the adventure with Robin Wood, Kay asks for the griffin’s head. All the Wart asks for is to only be able to bring back Wat to see if he can be cured. This shows that the Wart is not selfish and thinks of others.
16. The Wart was frustrated by the ants’ language because they repeated the same words over and

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