The Sway Of Romantic Poetics In Elizabeth Jennings's Moments Of Grace And Celebrations And Elegies Analysis

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Chapter 6 is entitled “The sway of Romantic Poetics in Jennings’s Moments of Grace and Celebrations and Elegies” .Many critics have argued that Jennings sensibility is Romantic compared to her anti-romantic peers. So the chapter looks into the romantic aspects of her poetry especially with the poems in the above two volumes. The chapter also draws throws light on the essay ‘Fond of What He’s Crapping On’: Movement Poetry and Romanticism by Michael O’ Neill.
Chapter 7 “Elizabeth Jennings as a Woman Poet” ponders into Jennings’s place in the history of Modern British poetry as a woman poet; evaluates the definitions of poetry given by critics, it also looks at the factors responsible for the neglect of woman’s poetry, cross references from her
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It included a wide variety of poetry from Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and English-speaking countries overseas. As the British Empire contracted and Britain’s past colonies achieved freedom, the new migrant populations began to develop their own cross-cultural, English Language poetry using vernacular, slang or regional dialects. After the 1960s a growing number of poets outside the mainstream got acknowledgment. Poets from different ethnic, class and cultural backgrounds are now included in Contemporary English poetry. Peter Finch in his article entitled “British Poetry Since 1945” comments:“Since 1945 British Poetry has moved steadily from what many regard as twentieth century parochial to a twenty-first century international”( 1 …show more content…
The labor party took office with a parliamentary majority for the first time in British history, a majority which would enable out to implement, with obstruction, its socialist policies. The building of a Welfare State was a top priority. Atlee in As it Happened wrote: The Labor years Party came to power with a well defined policy worked out over many years. It has been set out very clearly in our Election Manifesto and we are determined to carry it out its ultimate objective was creation of a society based on social justice, and, in our view, this could only be attained by bringing under public ownership and control the main factors in the

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