The Swastika Symbols In The World

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The first symbol I decided to write about is the Swastika. I feel it is one of the most hated and feared symbols in the world. Now, of course, I'm not Jewish, but this symbol strikes fear in me due to the way it was used in World War II. My 91 year old grandfather fought in that war and as a child (and even to this day) he would tell me stories of his time in it. Thanks to him and all that you learn in school, I can't look at this symbol and see nothing but hatred and fear for what it was used for. What I see is death and destruction. It's the symbol of a mad man that was hellbent on world domination that thankfully didn't happen. It also causes me pain because of all the lives that have died under that symbol and regime. Now getting to the history of the symbol, it turns out that the Swastika was originally used or created in Neolithic Eurasia. Swastika comes from Sanskrit. The specific word it comes from is Svastika. Showing the sun moving through the sky, the Swastika was originally thought to mean “good fortune.” The Swastika has even been found on some pre-Christian European artifacts. It has been found on mosaics from both England and Sicily. The most widely know way the Swastika was used …show more content…
I can't say when the perfect time for that would be, but one day it will have to happen. It may not happen until the symbol is not used for hate anymore, and I hate to say it but I feel it would be generations from now before that happens. Even though that may not happen for a while, it would be possible now to try to change the feelings people have with the Swastika. Maybe starting with showing the way Hinduism uses the symbol, it's the normal way but with a dot in each little square. Another way would be for the education system to show where the symbol came from when teaching about World War II, that way students would see that the Swastika was once a good

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