The Swallows Of Kabul Reflection

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I just finished reading your novel The Swallows of Kabul. Upon reading it, I found that I was able to connect with the plot and characters in a way that allowed me to extract a deeper meaning of the text. Although the text ultimately gave me a deeper understanding of the Islamic culture, some parts of the text made me angry, while other parts surprised me. I also established a connection between this text and another text I read in the past, as they both had some parallelism in the plot line that allowed me to draw an even more interesting relationship. By analyzing my reactions, my past assumptions, and my past transactions with other texts, I found that I was able to create and develop a deeper meaning of the book. These analyses ultimately …show more content…
Love does not play any factor in the connection between the man and the women in these kind of societies: In the book, Zunaira truly loved Mohsen, but due her “forfeiture of her rights” (Khadra 99) caused by the Taliban, and with the “insults” and “humiliation” (Khadra 98) that came with it. She was forced to kill Mohsen in the end due to her anger with the society. She wanted to escape her gender roles and be equal with the rest of them. In A Thousand Splendid Suns, Mariam was forced to kill Rasheed. She was forced to do it because he was killing Laila, but she also did it to escape his power. This only difference was that she didn’t love him at all. Zunaira and Mariam both killed their husbands due to the extreme limits placed on them by the society, as they both attempted to challenge the inferiority that was enforced on them by the Taliban society. But they were both ordered to be executed for whatever crime they had done, even if it was just for their own freedoms. The transaction had with A Thousand Splendid Suns and The Swallows of Kabul, the parallelism I identified between them, and all the other transactions between the rest of the text allowed me to ultimately conclude that no matter what women do in this society to challenge their gender roles, and in a society where most are uneducated, they will never be able reach the equality that they

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