Essay on The Survivors Of Domestic Violence

1167 Words Apr 28th, 2016 null Page
Survivors of domestic violence are people. They go about their public and daily lives much as the average person does; this causes them to blend in with everyone else and thus not receive the aid that they need. This -in combination with media glorifying drugs and violence- has directly lead to a national statistic of "20 people per minute are victims of physical violence by an intimate partner in the United States." (NISVS) This adds up to 10,512,000 people in a single year, and that is only calculating for the people who completed the process of filing a report. It also does not include the people affected -directly and indirectly- by financial manipulation, emotional abuse, and the countless alternate modes of domestic violence. We as a society can and need to change for the better, so that we can better our communities and protect the families within them. We can do this by improving our curriculum and methods of educating the public, especially the youth, about domestic violence, providing more readily available resources for survivors, and taking domestic violence seriously. When someone brings up the topic of domestic violence, the room typically takes on an awkward and tense energy. This is because while Western media thrives on throwing violence and abuse in the faces of its viewers, society in general treats domestic violence as taboo, and creates a dogma that acts of domestic violence and rare, and when they do occur it is at the fault of the survivor. It has…

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