The Surviving Anxiety Article It Had Many Different View Points Throughout The Article

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In The Atlantic- Surviving Anxiety article it had several different view points throughout the article. The article began a young man Scott Stossel who suffered from a serious anxiety disorder. He went through several different coping methods such as therapy, drugs and alcohol but that didn’t seem to work for him. He also suffered from several different phobias in addition to his phobia of speaking in front of an audience. For a while he was mixing Xanax with either whiskey or vodka to help tame the anxiety of publically speaking in front of a crowd. Although he knew that mixing his medication with alcohol could cause serious affects, he claimed to only suffer from moderate anxiety for days rather than sleepless dreads for months. Scott was affect by anxiety his entire life from the time he was two years till the age of 10 with several different anxiety disorders. A main phobia that caused Scott so much trouble throughout his was emetophobia, a pathological fear of vomiting. He struggles with this fear everyday of his life, however, the last time he vomited was 35 years ago. Scott has spent the majority of his life in fear of vomiting when he has spent more than half his life without the action occurring. For a period of Scotts life, he worked with a psychologist from Boston that thought his emetophobia disorder is what caused the other anxiety disorders he has had to deal with. The psychologist suggests in order to cure him from his anxiety disorder they must first tackle…

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