The Survival Of The Fittest Essay

750 Words Sep 13th, 2016 3 Pages
“Survival of the fittest” should be changed to “disadvantages of the feeble.” With the media adding to the insecurities of people, further convincing them that success can be bought. Ads for plastic surgery, teeth whitening, weight loss, hair-loss etc... all say you can buy success. We can look at the Kardashian’s as talentless success stories. The underlying message is clear, humans possess a debilitating need to feel flawless and see any stride towards perfection as gaining strength. Donald Clifton, inventor of the strength finder, believes that we all possess talents that have the potential to becoming incredible strengths, but remain under nurtured due to the need and time spent on fixing our weaknesses. Upon further examining Clifton’s idea’s and applying it to myself, five distinct strengths were found in which perhaps may lead to finding more success in my future experiences and of others. Leading my five strength’s is “Activator,” which is a fancy way to sugar coat being called “impatient.”
In all actuality, the Activator strength describes my impatience for “Action.” Which is absolutely true, I have a need to want to see things get done. The activator strength plays a huge part in my other strengths especially learning. When I make a decision, I put action into it, the results from my actions will allow me to learn if my decision was good or bad. The second strength I possess is Significance. I do see this strength a bit narcissistic, in where I want to be known,…

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