Darwin's The Survival Of The Fittest

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When we talk about natural selection, we often hear the phrase: “The Survival Of The Fittest”, but what does it really mean? Is it about the strongest ones with biggest muscles who survive? No, it is about the creatures who adjust to their environment. The strongest creatures are the ones who change their body when their home changes. The giraffes eat leaves that are high up in the trees, because they had to adjust to this environment long time ago, generation after generation their shapes changed and that is why they have long necks now. We humans have changed too. According to the evolution theory, we were monkeys from the beginning, but it was not convenient for us to walk around with bent backs, so we changed. Another example is that in …show more content…
By this he means how the living things change themselves in order to fit into an environment so that they survive. There are many examples that prove this principle, one of the examples which is very common among people is when animals change their colors to adjust to an environment or to secure themselves from predators. An example of natural selection among animals is the changing shape of giraffes to fit to the environment they were living in. Long time ago, when people were nomad and when the resources were not that much, human beings and animals were eating from the same food resources, which was the few types plants and animals around them. Mammals like giraffes were eating plants as well as human beings using plants and eating them. So, after a period of time, those resources were devastating and the animals and human beings had to survive, some animals like giraffes were trying to eat from the taller tress as the leaves and the tree product of the high trees were still there. So giraffes ended up having long necks. If giraffes did not try to adapt to the environment they were living in, their generation would have died out. Another example would be the domesticated dogs and puppies now people have for companionship or protection or any other usage. At the beginning, when people were living in the caves and needed to be protected, they used wolves for hunting and for protecting them from other wild predators. Generation after generation, these wolves became more friendly and became one of the most important things in human’s lives, as they bred the early generations of the wolves until they got different species of dogs and domesticated them for several purposes. Although we might call this selective or artificial selection rather natural selection, that is because not only nature, but humans had impact on this

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