The Survival Of The Brood Essay

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The results did not support the hypothesis stated. It was thought that there would be a significant difference in the cumulative survival of the brood after two weeks between the experimental and control and that the control group would have the best survivorship. However, there was not a significant difference. This is surprising considering majors typically do not engage in brood care behavior in a stock colony. Also, it was thought that for the adult survivorship, that the control group would have the significantly better survivorship. However, the results show that the experimental group had significantly better survivorship. There was a significant difference in foraging after day 1 in the experimental setup. This seems possible since the majors would need some time to adjust before realizing that they needed to forage for themselves. After the two weeks, there was not a significant difference in the cumulative amount of foraging done by the experimental and control groups. The majors seemed to have had enough time to adjust to their new task of foraging and forage without a significant difference compared to the control group. The number of per capita brood care acts was significantly different between the majors in the naive, 100% majors experimental, and the 100 POST groups. The significant difference was found between the naive group and the 100 POST group. Even after a week back in the stock colony, the majors still demonstrated that they had learned to take care…

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