The Surrogacy And Pro Surrogacy Essay examples

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“Surrogate motherhood has been the subject of much philosophical and political dispute over the years.” – Thomas Frank

There are two sides to the surrogacy debate: Anti-Surrogacy and Pro-Surrogacy. Should it be banned or regulated by medical and legal oversight. The idea of using other women to assist in carrying on their families is one that is as old as time. As we know of in the Bible when Sarah could not give Abraham a child, they turned to their handmaiden to provide them with a child. In todays time surrogate mothers are being used to harvest their eggs to be grown in labs or carry a child for a couple, single women and gay couple who otherwise would not be provided the opportunity of having children.
When we look at the process of harvesting eggs we see the selling of a person’s potential life for profit. The laws that regulate this is there to prevent the potential of turning this into a profit business for anyone, but assured that there are regulations, guidelines and procedures in place to protect all. In todays society, there are young women students who use surrogacy ass means to put themselves through college because of the amount of money it offers. The use of agencies these students can be pre-screened for family and medical background.
Envision, couples around the world that is trying to have a bundle of joy but not able to conceive. This can be the utmost devastating news, knowing they will never be able to have a baby on their own. That is when the…

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