The Surgery : Promote Empowerment Essay examples

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A GP surgery can promote Empowerment in many different ways. One way would be by providing an advocatory service, this allows a patient to have another person with them in the session room and they can speak for the patient. Another way is that some leaflets and posters should be placed at different heights, for example some should be placed lower so that wheelchair bound patients can reach them and not have to ask for assistance. A final way is that the surgery must provide appropriate parking spaces for disabled patients or mother and child parking spaces; this is for easier access for these patients.
This aspect of the Care Value Base protects a patients’ right to be treated in a dignified way. This can be protected if the automatic doors and railings are installed in the GP surgery, this will affect the patients in wheelchairs and patients who cannot lift anything heavy things due to age or other reasons, like doors or patients who cannot walk without extra support of railings. Empowerment can also support the right to communicate using preferred methods, some young patients may feel more comfortable if they had the choice to fill out an application form via mobile phone as they may feel embarrassed to explain things to doctors or that they do not have time to come in. It also supports their right to be cared for in a way that meets their needs and takes account of choices. A patient having the chance to pick their own doctor or nurse promotes Empowerment. If patient…

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