The Surgery Of Hip Surgery Essay

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Michael on the other hand does not consider himself sick. He is a 68 years old male who before now said he has been living a relatively healthy and active life. Michael was admitted to the rehabilitation unit of the community after a hip surgery. He has been at the facility for about a month recovering from a non-complicated hip fracture surgery. When asked what happened he explained that he fell in his own home about two months ago while getting ready for his early morning walk. On his way to the door he didn’t noticed a water bottle beside the couch, he stepped on it and lost his balance, the next thing he remembered was that he crashed into the wall and couldn’t get up on his own. His X-ray afterward revealed he suffered a femoral neck fracture on the left side of his hip. Michael had a partial hip replacement surgery also known as hemiarthroplasty to correct the fracture. The Princeton Orthopedic Associates defines hemiarthroplasty as a “surgical procedure that replaces one half of the hip joint with a prosthetic, while leaving the other half intact” (Princeton Orthopedic Associates, 2016). The procedure involves removing and replacing the damaged femoral head and neck with a metal prosthesis, which is usually made from stainless steel or chrome alloy (Princeton Orthopedic Associates, 2016).
Fall among the elderly is very common and sometimes very fatal. Writing for the American journal of Epidemiology in a 1989 edition, Richard, reported that “falls are a leading…

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