The Surface Shows The Signs Of Use Essay

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This Old Table The surface shows the signs of use. There are crayon and marker stains on it in places. Glitter from crafts are in the cracks visible only if you look close enough. In some places you may see colors too vibrant to be markers. These marks are from having daughters who didn’t realize the effect of nail polish and remover on wood. Scars and lines stand out proudly like the battle wounds on a grand warrior. Few would dare to call it beautiful from the surface alone. It was originally my great grandmother’s. When she passed away the old table was given to my mother. Though my Grandma Leola only used it for special events, the memories made around that table were some of my mom 's fondest from her youth. It was round, made of solid oak, claw footed and it had a leaf that allowed my entire family to sit around it. The mismatched tell city chairs that sit around it now were given to my mother from my other great grandmother. A special reminder of their love and the past. My first memories include crawling around that old claw footed table. I remember we used to have a kid’s picnic table In the kitchen. My family always had more kids than we knew how to seat at just one table. There is no badge of honor and no expression of joy, that could sufficiently say how it felt to finally move to the big table. My five-year-old self knew I could finally take pride in my fancy adult life. I still recall sitting around the table with my brother Brandon and discovering that I…

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