Essay on The Surface Culture Of The Last School

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1. Contrast the surface culture of the last school you attended with that of your present school.

“Number of students in class”
The number of students in a class at my high school ranges from about 25 to 30 students. Here in college the classes ranges from about 90 to 190. My first day of class I was surprise to walk in my history class and see that the class had run out of seats for students. I was even more socked to walk in to my earth science class only to find out that the class was a class with 200 students my first thought was how is the professor going to be able to take the attendance of all the students in the room. Compared to high school this is a huge change for me I am used to the small sized class where the teacher had time to take everyone’s under 2 munities and the teacher knows everyone’s name. Here in college I am just another name on the roster for this class that has 200 students.

Teacher’s treatment of students” In high school students are babied more often than they need to, but in college students are basically on their own and are responsible for their own actions. In high school when you don’t your homework the teacher give you time to make it up later on in the trimester. In college when you miss a dead line for your homework the professor is not giving you any time to make it up. One of my professor on the first day of class said to us “I don’t do extract credit and if you miss a test don’t expect me to give it to…

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