The Supreme Leader Of Coginchaug Regional High School Essay

1297 Words Apr 5th, 2016 6 Pages
Salutations! It has come time in our great school to elect a supreme leader that will guide our school in a direction of prosperity. The supreme leader should be a person who looks at all the aspects of education, and puts the student’s needs first. That is why I, Victoria Slight, am running to be the supreme leader of Coginchaug Regional High School. I will make every effort to improve the lives of the students by making several necessary changes to our fine establishment. The changes that I will enact will save our school money, increase order, and finally ensure the safety of our students.
In my time here I have noticed quite a few aspects of our school that can be changed in order to improve the atmosphere, and the work ethic of the school. The first change I would make would be made in order to decrease the amount of money that is wasted running unecessary appliances. This change would mirror the policy of a person having to scan their card in order to get their paper out of the printer. This has been done due to multiple students overusing the color ink, and racking up expenses for the school. In a similar way the electricity to the outlets and other appliances would remain off until the students scanned their card in order to gain access. This, I hope, will be all that is needed to deter people from wasting the electricity that has been paid for, by our kind taxpayers. As supreme leader of Coginchaug Regional High School, I would make every attempt to make this plan…

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