The Supreme Court Has Changed Our Own Attitudes, Values, And Ideologies

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Inarguably, the Supreme Court has played an imperative role in the development and evolution of the fellow coordinate branches of government and in the society of the United States as well, and what is deducible as a consequence of this is that the individuals whom have served within this institution have incorporated, however subtly, their own inclinations into this evolution. Indeed, it is a matter-of-fact that throughout all of our lives, it is impossible to avoid the persuasions of family, peers, and societal constructs upon the reflections and perceptions that we utilize in order to derive our own attitudes, values, and ideologies. Additionally, the scope and position of the Supreme Court has provided it with unique opportunities in which it may interject its own agenda within the multiplicity of issues that arise before it. Consequently, the putative reputation of the exemplary Justice of the Supreme Court is one who possesses a character in accordance with the ideals of justice and equality, and it is appropriate that this is what we consider to be the most able personality for the position, since this is the only type of character that we would allow to decide issues dealing with matters of the most severe personal importance. Therefore, what can generally be said to be the primary and ultimate goal of the Supreme Court as an institution would be the sustainment of the transcendent values of justice and equality in the rendering of its decisions, and consequently it…

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