The Supreme Court Case : Plessy V. Ferguson Essay example

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It’s scary to think that only 61 years ago, American schools were still racially segregated, and African American children were kept away from white children. Earlier in 1896, a Supreme Court case called Plessy v. Ferguson made segregation legal as long as the facilities were equal (McBride). In the middle of the twentieth century, many people were working together to challenge these segregation laws. A man named Oliver Brown was one of the many people who challenged segregation laws when he brought the Topeka, Kansas school board to court. Brown v. Board of Education took place in 1954, and surprisingly, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Brown. This Supreme Court case was the best decision made in the twentieth century, and no other case changed life in the U.S. so drastically. In the early 1950s, a little girl named Linda Brown was living in Topeka, Kansas. She was ten years old, and was not permitted to attend her neighborhood school because she was African American (Magruder 799). At this time, because of Plessy v. Ferguson, segregation was allowed as long as the facilities were equal. Large portions of the United States had racially segregated schools, and many people accepted them as normal and correct (McBride). In the mid-twentieth century, civil rights groups began to challenge racial segregation. As an example, the NAACP had lawyers set up court cases that challenged racial segregation laws on behalf of African American schoolchildren and their families…

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