The Suppression Of The Female Essay

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The Suppression of the Female The Museum of Ancient and Modern Art indicates that archaeological evidence as early as the prehistoric and early historic periods of human development, believed the supreme creator to be female. The Museum of Ancient and Modern Art expresses, “Little has been written about the female deities who were worshiped in the most ancient periods of human existence and still today, the material there is has been almost totally ignored.” (M.A.M.A.) It is clear that the role of women has plummeted in later times as soon as the males claimed to be the superior sex. In effect, gender roles in society, religion, and daily life, were altered in order to favor the male and dominate the female. In time, females had challenged the male supremacy for the basic human rights every female deserves to have. For the most part, females have come a long way, but still have a long way to go. Females are still seen as inferior to males in society, are paid lower in the workplace, disregarded in politics, victims of abuse, rape, body shaming, etc. In reality, the female is not equal to the male in the present day, despite of the many accomplishments, females are still fighting for their human rights. In the novel Kindred written by Octavia E. Butler, commences a twentieth century African-American woman named Dana into a time-traveling whirlwind of a journey into her ancestral antebellum past. Butler contributes to many different topics in Kindred, including race,…

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