The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Essay

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B. USDA/FNS--what?
The USDA/FNS has been mentioned a few times through this point. You may have questions as to what they do. Here is an overview of what they do. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is a fully federally funded program through the United Stated Department of Agriculture/Food and Nutrition Service (USDA/FNS). SNAP is administered through each state under the policies prescribed by FNS. In other words, they are directly responsible for making sure that SNAP (and other programs) are being run the way it needs to be run.
USDA/FSN is responsible for the follow programs:
• National School Lunch Program (Including School Breakfast Program)
• Child and Adult Care Food Program
• Summer Food Service Program
• Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations
• The Emergency Food Assistance Program
• Nutrition Services Incentive Program
• Commodity Supplemental Food Program Processing
• Charitable Institutions
• Disaster Feeding and Situations of Distress
The following is from a USDA/FNS report that reviewed the trafficking issue from 2006 through 2008. The report was compiled in 2011. As of the date in which the documentation was reviewed (May 11, 2016), this was the most current information available.

Trafficking in 2009–2011*
Based on the best data available for 2009–2011, current estimates indicate the following: Trafficking diverted an estimated $858 million annually from SNAP benefits;
• Overall, one cent of each benefit dollar was trafficked; and…

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