The Supernatural Of The Epic Of Ramayana Essay

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The Portrayal of the Supernatural in the Epic of Ramayana The Epic of Ramayana is comprised of events that have resulted due to the influences of supernatural and sorcery. Numerous supernatural events occur in the story, which captures the reader’s attention by keeping him/her interested and fascinated. The epic showcases the journey of God Vishnu who was incarnated into human form as Rama and was sent on a mission to attain his ultimate goal of killing Ravana, which in of itself is a supernatural power taking place in Ramayana. All of the supernatural incidents in epic are composed of numerous significance without which Ramayana would’ve not occurred, thus their importance is undeniable and apparent throughout the epic.
The initial supernatural effect occurs in the epic when it is revealed that Ravana can only be killed by another human being, as shown in the following quotation, “Ravana can be destroyed only by a human being since he never asked for protection from a human being. I shall incarnate as Dasaratha’s son” (Narayan 4). In the Ramayana the reader is informed that Ravana needed to be eliminated due to the fear the sages had of him as is depicted in the following quotation “The ten-headed Ravana and his brothers have acquired from us extraordinary powers through austerities and prayers, and now threaten to destroy our worlds and enslave us. They go along recklessly in their career of tyranny, suppressing all virtue and goodness wherever found” (Narayan 4). The…

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