The Superior Polis : More Than Just A City State Essay

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The Superior Polis: More Than Just a City-State

A simple definition to the term Polis is, “an independent Greek city state” and according to Aristotle, a Polis can be defined as “a natural association of rational human beings and an analysis and evaluation of the relationships between the various categories of individuals that compose the citizen body.” These two definitions offer an explanation as to what a Polis is considered to be on the surface however, do not capture what a Polis consists of to be thought as an ideal Polis. Sparta and Athens, two Greek city-states in their own, remembered by the legacy each left behind, both embody their own Polis. Sharing some similarities, but more so differing in the unclear definition of a Polis. An ideal Polis has the loyalty and devotion of all citizens. It runs on a stable political system and strives towards opportunity and development. A Polis is self-sufficient, and has the participation of all the people it houses. In comparison to Athens, Sparta is the ideal Polis. The polis is the center of the Greek community, it is more so a society and way of life, than a city-state alone. Spartans devote themselves to their city, their loyalty surpasses the average Greek citizens and in return, they are provided with opportunities for both men and women. Spartan women were given the most freedoms out of all Greek women. Spartans partake in their civic duty as a person of the state to protect their homeland; they were warriors first,…

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