Essay about The Superbowl : The 2013 Superbowl

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The 2013 SuperBowl commercials were exactly what you think they were going to be. Because the targeted audience is male, commercials focused on cars, food, beer, and women. The advertisement I have decided to analyse is the Audi 2013 SuperBowl commercial. It’s about a boy who embarks on one of the most important moments of his teenage life: “Prom Night.” This commercial shows a family and their young son going to prom without a date. By driving his father’s luxurious Audi, he becomes more confident. He drives to the school and parks in the principal’s spot. He then walks into prom, grabs the arm of the prom queen and kisses her. Later we see him with a smile on his face, despite having been punched by the prom king. The prom queen is shown smiling somewhat in the aftermath and the boy is shown screaming in excitement as he drives away. The screen cuts to black as the words “Bravery. It’s what defines us” appear on the screen followed by the Audi logo. The commercial shows an insecure high school student who dreads going to prom without a date, a point where I have been before. The ad appeals not to a specific age group, but to members of the audience who were stuck in a similar situation as the boy, where their insecurities were challenged. Audi plays on an important emotional event that most guys have experienced, the Ad portrays that it is the products and brands we use that affect how we perceive or feel about ourselves. People watching the ad are reminded of their own…

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