The Super Bowl Essay

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In the essay (It is Immoral to Watch the Super Bowl) the author argument was very effective. Steve stated his point of views very clearly to the viewers to understand and the reasons football is immoral to watch. Almond reasons for writing this article was to persuade people on the immorality of football and the negative effect it has on a players while playing or after they had play it. In this article, Almond also provided some basic facts and details about what football does to the human body. Moreover, Almond stated that medical research had proven that football can cause serious brain injury. The author was also open minded, knowledgeable and confident. Base on the author ways of presenting this argument, I have been convinced by his argument and I am going to explain this in details.

In the article (It is Immoral to watch to Watch the Super Bowl) Almond argues the immorality of the Super Bowl. As a child, Almond was so in love with football until the accident that took place in 1978, doing the preseason game when the wide receiver for the New England Patriots name Stingley lost his balance while lunging for a pass and got hit by Tatum, an Oakland Raiders. After getting hit really hard Stingley fell on the field. This whole scene was sad and it causes the audience to respond emotionally. For Example, when the team’s doctors rush on the field to rescue Darryl Stingley, he was not able to shake or move his body. Those who came to his rescue begin to use reflex hammers…

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