Essay on The Super Bowl

1225 Words Nov 2nd, 2015 null Page
The Super bowl is one of the most anticipated events of the year. The game is not the only aspect that draws viewers in; the commercials are almost as entertaining as the game. Companies spend around four million dollars for a thirty second time slot and in addition to that spend several million for the production of the ad. What could persuade a company to spend this amount of money on a single advertisement?
Toyota aired a tear-jerking advertisement titled “My Bold Dad” during halftime at the 2015 super bowl. The ad shows a father driving his daughter in a Toyota Camry. There are several flashbacks throughout that show the father-daughter relationship. The father traps a spider that is near the daughter, removes a bee’s nest from the tree house, dances with the daughter at a wedding, stands up for her against another father and daughter, and picks her up from a party on a stormy night. In between each flashback the video cuts to the father and daughter inside the Camry. They both are emotional and are trying to hold in their tears. The daughter looks in the visor mirror and wipes tears from her eyes during one of the scenes. The car pulls up underneath a sign that says departures arrive at an airport. The daughter is seen walking into the airport with military rucksack on her back. She is surrounded by several people in military uniform. The daughter stops in the doorway and turns back toward her father. The father, with tears in his eyes, gives a nod of approval. The…

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