The Super Bowl Essay

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Position Paper #1 Millions of people look forward to watching the Super Bowl every year and many enjoy the commercials too. As years pass, the commercials must change with the times, trying to be as funny and appealing to as many as possible. In an effort to be remembered, many companies have created some very controversial commercials which may not be appropriate for younger viewers. As society changes its taste, the commercials must too, but where must we draw the line? There were two rejected commercials I found extremely inappropriate for the Super Bowl but also one I was surprised did not air. The Veggie love commercial was the ad I found the most inappropriate. Being a new vegetarian myself, I thought promoting the lifestyle was a great idea but not in that manner. Viewing it for the first time, I had no idea it was promoting vegetarianism. I had to read about the ad to learn about the intended message. I do not have children but I would not be happy having my small child view this commercial. I understand the need to create some kind of sexual appeal to a less enticing topic but young kids should not be viewing such graphic sexual content. Also, I would have been mortified if I was watching the Super Bowl with my grandparents and that came on the television. I had very similar feelings about the Ashley Madison commercial but was more concerned about the actual business it was representing. Today there is a market and interest for almost everything but that does…

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