Essay on The Super Bowl And Advertisement

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In one-year time, Americans will vote for their next leader and for the free world. The US President is no joke and makes years to prepare to run. There will be thousands of stories, articles, debates, and political advertising in this next year. Anyone who listens or watches to some sort of entertainment will know that advertising is one of the most annoying moments of life. There are the same commercials regurgitated over and over. I know that the moment there is a same irritating ad; I automatically flip over to another channel and wait until there is another déjà vu. Ironically, the only time I ever watch the ads for enjoyment is the Super Bowl and often can be more exciting than the game itself. The money spent by companies like Budlight, Budweiser, insurance companies, and Coke Cola is astronomical. Why am I relating the Super Bowl and advertisement? It comes full circle when one realizes the impact of political advertisement.

A brand new idea of political advertising took off in the 1950s as a way to sell the candidate. There was a need to find new ways to make politicians a lot more exciting and likable. It was the beginning of uncharted territory in the political atmosphere. Just like a product, companies started selling 30 seconds to 1-minute time slots to campaigns, but were a slow process as first because companies were reluctant to center the business. After realizing how money can be made, it was no longer a question for companies. The problem today,…

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