The Sun, The Moon, By Junot Diaz Essay

1146 Words Apr 21st, 2016 null Page
When examining The Sun, the Moon, the Stars you initially make a strong connection with the narrator Yunior due to Junot Diaz’s his use of first person bias. This narrator bias, conjoins the reader with looking though Yunior’s point of view and becoming emotionally allied with this character throughout the story. Comparably, throughout the story you begin to advance a sense that Yunior also plays a strong role of an unreliable narrator, and the conflict arises of whether or not to place confidence in what he is expressing. This was my inspiration to create a BuzzFeed article in list form or better known as a “listable”. With today’s social media the most prominent and intriguing way to read many articles is in a list form. In addition to the listable adding popular “gifs” to accommodate each sign gives a comedic sense to a rather depressing topic. When recreating this short story I wanted to focus on the relationship between Yunior and Magda from an outside perspective. This differs from the original structure by taking out the first person bias and allowing the reader to glimpse beyond the mask of Yunior and free to make his or her own conclusion whether or not to trust what Yunior is saying. The title of my BuzzFeed article is, “15 Signs Your Girlfriend really isn’t that into you”. From this stance you are able to inquire the signs that Magda was demonstrating in connection to her accord with Yunior. Without reading the original short story by Diaz, you are able to…

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