The Sun Produces Light And Heat

How The Sun Produces Light and Heat
Matthew K Paschall
Tennessee Tech University
In the center of our solar system sits the key to life on Earth, the sun. The sun provides us with light and heat among other things. The reason for this research paper is to discuss the physics behind the sun and how it creates its light and heat that is so important to our life.

How the Sun Produces Heat and Light The sun is the necessary ingredient to many of the processes and phenomena that take place on Earth. All of these processes are made possible because of the heat and light produced by the sun. But what exactly produces the heat and light from the sun? The sun is comprised of three different zones. These are the core, the radiative
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The temperature in the convection zone have dropped low enough that whole atoms exist. These gaseous atoms absorb the photons that just reached the convection zone. This absorption causes the temperature of the atoms to increase making them less dense than the surrounding gases. These atoms then begin to float up to the surface on convection currents. Once at the surface, they rise up into convection cells and radiate the energy gained from the photon. The atoms then sink back down into the convection zone. After the photons are radiated from the convection cells, they enter the atmosphere, which is composed of the photosphere, chromosphere, and the corona. They then travel unimpeded through the atmosphere and into space as …show more content…
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