The Sun Also Rises Essays

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In Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises, we are taken back to the 1920’s, accompanied by the “Lost Generation.” During this time, prohibition was occurring in America. Hemingway uses alcohol as an obstacle that causes distresses between the main character, Jake and his life. Along with alcohol, promiscuity is prevalent throughout the novel. The heroine of the novel, Brett, displays the theme of promiscuity throughout the novel. She uses her sheer beauty and charming personality to lure men into her lonely life. The themes of alcohol and promiscuity intertwine with the Lost Generation in this classic love saga. To begin, Jake Barnes the protagonist is a journalist in Paris. He spent the earlier part of his life serving
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He already drank while he was depressed for other reasons such as lack of money. Now with a broken heart, Brett opens up even more things to drink about, and eventually become a belligerent drunk.
In a similar case, Robert Cohn becomes attached to Brett. Robert has a great fear of rejection, and aside from Brett’s past he gives her a try. Consequently, he falls for Brett and takes her on a trip to San Sebastian. Robert wants to make things work, and felt like he was headed in the right direction by taking her on a trip. He and Brett have sexual relations on their get away and everything is seemingly going well. In turn, she wants nothing to do with him in that sense, and he is left an emotional wreck. Robert is stunned that their affair has no emotional impact on Brett, and she leaves Robert getting what she wanted; sexual pleasure. Robert is a man of knowledge and courage. He spent his earlier years going to Princeton and boxing. Brett’s charisma was enough to make a strong man vulnerable and ultimately empty. The most apparent case of Brett using men happens without her using her promiscuous ways. Instead, she goes to Jake after a sexual escapade that leaves her emotionally unstable. Jake is more or less her shoulder to cry on. While she knows she can have a sexual endeavor with most guys she encounters, she also knows she can come to Jake to fulfill her emotional needs. Since Jake can not fulfill

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