The Summer My Family Moved Essay

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The Summer My Family Moved
How would you describe yourself? Do you think it’s the same way someone else would describe you? Do you think that others could successfully describe who you are? I would describe myself as unique, different, happy, confident, and even a little short tempered sometimes. But if you ask other people about me they might say something different. Honestly it depends on the person you are asking and how long they have known me. I have had people in my life tell me that I changed a lot since the sixth grade and I agree with them most of the time. Some people would say that I am bold and confident in everything I do. Others would say I am cocky and love being right at everything. Some people might even tell you that I am quiet and even a little shy. But if you ask people from my elementary school they would tell you I was shy, quiet and smart. Everyone has their opinions as to who they think someone i but the real question is who are you really?
I started to become my own person when I was in elementary school, all of my teachers remembered me for my try hard efforts to be a good student. Even though a lot of my teachers remembered me, a lot of students in my classes didn’t. This was because I was usually very quiet and had a small group of friends I always stayed with. All this maintained until around the fourth grade when a boy was moved into my class and the teacher made him sit by me. I felt my stomach jump as he took his seat and told me hello…

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