Essay The Summer Going Into Eighth Grade Year

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The summer going into eighth grade year was a good one, I had a horse, and a best friend what more could a girl need? Me and my blond best friend would spend every spare moment together, from a short time after school to whole weekends. I was content and didn’t really understand, at that time, what I had. She 's the one that got me hooked on everything horse related from models to the real live thing. Even though she had loved horses long before me and dreamed her whole life about having one, I got my stubborn buckskin Quarter Horse before her. One day we went out to the pasture with only a halter and used the yellow and red automatic water dispenser as a step stool to get on. The only problem was getting Cricket, my buckskin, to get close enough to the dispenser, so one would hold her still while the other climbed up on the dispenser and had to jump on her bare back like a sack of potatoes then swing up. Then once one was on the other would lead through the pasture, once we got to a place we like we would stop there and let Cricket graze and just hang out and talk. The picture really is a beautiful one, what with the white barn on one side and the pine trees on the other and just long grass and the occasional sweet clover or the white and yellow flowers no bigger than the size of a small fingernail. I can’t remember which position was better, the one on the horse just sitting there bare back feeling the slight shifting of muscles as the horse grazed, or being the one on…

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