Essay on The Summer Between My Sophomore Year And Junior Year

1048 Words Jan 7th, 2016 null Page
The summer between my sophomore year and junior year was a life changing period. For one, my mother and I moved to Waco, Texas, an 8-hour drive from my home of Weslaco. Along with this new address, I also had a new school. Naturally, I went to the school nearest my home, Connally High School. I didn’t know it on my first day of school, but Connally High School would become my 2nd out of 3 high schools I would attend. Connally High School was a whole different world from my previous high school. The most noticeable thing was the size. Connally has about 600 students in the whole school, while my previous sophomore class was 556 students, with 1000 in total in school. Also, Connally had a much more conservative feel: there was hardly any kind of innovative technology, older teachers, stricter dress code and phone code, and not to mention that fact that almost everyone knew each other since elementary. While, at my previous school, our district evolved with technology and embraced it, we had teachers of all ages, a strict but a flexible dress code, the teachers set their own rules for phones in their classrooms, and it had a large student body so there was always someone new to meet. Even though I was in a whole new setting, I continued to take AP classes and become involved in my school. My goals remained despite my surroundings: graduate in the top 10% of my class, earn least a 3.5 GPA and be admitted to a school on my top 5 list. Although these two schools were on the…

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