Essay about The Suicide Of The Geriatric Nation

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Regarding Suicide in the Geriatric Populous The act of taking one’s own life is typically referred to as suicide, and such an act is not strictly restricted to any one age group. According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Suicide remains the 10th leading cause of death in the United States, with an average mean of 42,773 suicides occurring each year across all ages, and among this gathered data numerous deaths go unaccounted for, especially among the elderly population. This group of people can account for one fourth to one third of all suicides that occur, and before gaining my job as a waitress at an independent living facility, I had no idea that the elderly commit suicide at such high rates, with these rates being much higher than one would generally anticipate. One of the main contributing factors to suicide is depression, and primarily, these people that commit suicide have no expressed prior depressive thoughts or suicidal ideations. The problem being that the stigma against depression only inhibits those who suffer from it to say anything on the matter, and it instills a sense of apathy in those afflicted. So it’s not always blatantly obvious when someone is suffering from depression or these aforementioned suicidal thoughts. Besides depression, there’s a number of other contributing factors, and prevention plays the largest part in lessening the drastic number of suicides that occur, yet, set prevention programs regarding only the elderly are a…

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