Essay about The Suicide Is A Major Health Issue

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Suicide is a major health issue in Canada, especially in Aboriginal youth as demonstrated by the Attawapiskat suicide crisis in April 2015 where 11 youths attempted suicide (Dyer, 2016). Indigenous populations are one of the most at risk groups for suicide with suicide rates being at least 2 times higher than Canada’s general population (Dyer, 2016). The high suicidality, the likelihood someone will commit suicide, in Indigenous populations can be fundamentally attributed to the legacy of residential school and the methodical assimilation of Aboriginals through mandatory attendance. The residential school legacy contains sexual, physical, and emotional abuse towards Indigenous children and a radical loss of Indigenous culture. This essay will explore how early childhood development, social support, and health services contribute to higher suicide rates, additionally, mental illness will also be considered an avenue for suicide as depression and suicidality are positively associated. Secondly, an exploration of the interaction between the three determinants will be used to explain higher suicidality in Aboriginal individuals. Finally, the increasing crisis of suicide in Aboriginal youth demands an effective health intervention which this paper will propose using the knowledge of the determinants’ influence.
A negative experience during early childhood development has drastic consequences on the mental well-being of Indigenous youth leading to a higher probability of…

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