The Suicidal Ideation Of The Bhutanese Refugee Essay

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enough money to spend, however, not completely satisfy with her profession, however, she told she does not have any regrets feelings after coming to the U.S. She also does not have any social interaction with other communities besides Nepalese, Bhutanese, and some Indians because of the cultural and language variations. The question about the suicidal ideation of the Bhutanese refugee’s she said it varies by the person’s mentality. Some people are doing great and some people are going under mental illness, however, she doesn’t want to blame everything on U.S. Government Policy. Furthermore, she believes that some people had been under depression while they were in Nepal’s refugee camp. And they committed after they arrived in the United States. She has a dream of getting a salon license and having a job in the particular field or be an owner of her own beauty salon.
I met Dan when I was drinking coffee in a Nepalese restaurant (Laliguras). He said he is around 45 now and staying with his wife and one kid. He said he was a teenager when his families escaped from Bhutan to Nepal. Dan is living in the Jackson heights 82nd street. Since he was looking open-minded and friendly I was little more comfortable asking questions to him. Hence, I was focusing more on the research puzzle and research question. He told me some interesting things, he said after the arrival in the United States they all get supports such as food stamps, Medicare, cash assistance, and training. However, the…

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