The Sui Made The Grand Canal Essay

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China has a rich and vibrate history that stretches back to the Neolithic era. China also has a history of chaos and disunity. However, the Sui, Tang, and Song Dynasty paved the way for the unification and prosperity in China. In 581 CE, the Sui Dynasty reunified China for the first significant time since the collapse of the Han Dynasty. As a result of the reunification, the society became stable and peaceful which encouraged economical and political development. Under Sui leadership, the Confucian civil service restarted along with its exam system. The Sui made the Grand Canal, which was one of their major accomplishments. The Grand Canal was made to help the Sui with trade and transportation, which played an important role in economic and cultural exchange between the southern and northern areas. “The canal combined the north 's might with the south 's agricultural prosperity, serving for centuries as a key conduit of Chinese power and wealth” (Judge, 2012, p.312). The Sui also managed to accomplish the completion of the Great Wall of China. The completion of the Great Wall was very important to the people of China because it provided them with protection from invaders. The Sui were very militaristic. They believed that their dynasty 's success derived from the military. A new political system was established during the Sui Dynasty; The Three Departments and Six Ministries system. It was the main central administrative system adopted in ancient China. In spite of the…

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