The Suffrage Movement During The Twentieth Century Essay

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In the twentieth century, women achieved many things towards their goal of equality. They ventured to avenues and tried different ways to be recognized in their rights especially the right to vote. The suffrage movement helped in rousing advocacy to fight for this right. Women in the labour force worked and provided good quality work that was as good, if not better than those of men, which progressed towards gender equity. Many contributed to this achievement, and some brought it a step further by taking the leadership and representing women all over Canada. This movement during the twentieth century focused towards promotion of equality both in Canada and globally through their determination in the labour force, the suffrage and determined key women. Advancement of women’s recognition in the labour force which was traditionally dominated by men improved tremendously over the years. During the World Wars, men were sent to fight which left no one to do the jobs back home. Women stepped in and took this opportunity to further the movement. They worked in many areas while the men were at war and while their wages were not as high as the men, the employment for women rose. “As the number of volunteers increased it was becoming clear that a new source of labour would have to be found. Women soon filled the gap. They were seen assisting with harvesting and doing secretarial work.” (Bolotta, p. 58). This boosted them to pursue higher endeavors because it allowed them to have…

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