The Success Stories of Two Lumber Kings Essay

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The success stories of early North American industrialists were often characterized as being about conquest through resourcefulness and natural ability. John Rudolphus Booth and Frederick Weyerhaeuser both came from an agrarian lifestyle and yet managed to evolve into “lumber kings” that prospered in the lumber industry through amassing significant amounts of knowledge about the trade. They both enjoyed “outside” work more than dealing with managerial problems and they were described as being very private people. However, John R. Booth was much more reticent and self-sufficient than Frederick Weyerhaeuser when it came to business whereas, Weyerhaeuser was very reliant on relationships with other people throughout his career. Therefore, …show more content…
In contrast to Weyerhaeuser’s method of benefitting from extensive network connections, Booth started his business through the capital he accumulated in wages and gradually expanded by building up a reputation for excellence in his work. He was employed to help with the construction of the Loamy sawmill of which he was appointed manager after one year. In 1854, after moving to Ottawa, he bought a machine shop with the money he had saved from his post as manager. Unfortunately, after eight months, the shop was destroyed by fire. Still he persevered and bought a mill in which he began business operations. However, after the expiry of the first year the proprietor asked for double the rent money, which prompted Booth to leave the mill. He still persisted and managed to find another small mill on which he secured a lease for ten years and started doing business at a very small scale with a single saw. His luck changed when Ottawa became the capital of Canada and in 1859 he won a coveted contract to supply lumber and timber for the new Parliament Buildings that needed to be built. He soon gained a credible reputation that allowed him to finally start being successful. Ergo, Booth favored being independent and managed to succeed through sheer determination, whereas Weyerhaeuser acquired his success through the contacts he made.
Furthermore, while Booth prospered through

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