The Success of the Viet Minh Essay

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Like many other parts of Asia and Africa, Indochina also fell under the control of a European power in the 1800s. By the year 1893, France had established its power over all of Indochina. Over the next century, French imperialists abused the principles of "freedom, equality and fraternity", violated the integrity of land and oppressed the people of Indochina. During this century of French oppression and corruption, Vietnamese nationalism against the French surged and became more intense. The outbreak of World War II in September 1939 provided a real opportunity to end French Control of Indochina. From 1940 onwards, Nazi Germany forces controlled northern France and influenced the nominally neutral Vichy Government that ruled southern …show more content…
The VM, who were short on modern military knowledge, created a military school in Tinh Quang Ngai on June 1946. More than 400 Vietnamese were trained by Japanese soldiers in this school. The soldiers that were trained here were considered to be the students of the Japanese and were feared by the French.However; General Giap was the actual mastermind behind the VM’s military effort. He developed the strategy that would eventually defeat the French. Giap based his strategies and tactics on Maoist doctrine. As Ho Chi Minh said of the struggle for Vietnamese independence "It is the fight between tiger and elephant. If the tiger stands his ground, the elephant will crush him with its mass. But, if he conserves his mobility, he will finally vanquish the elephant, which bleeds from a multitude of cuts" (metaphorically speaking about guerrilla warfare where the elephant symbolises the French army and the tiger symbolises the VM)
According to Robert o' Neill (1969), Giap divided the protracted war into 3 distinct phases which were similar to Mao Zeolding’s. The First Phase was “the movement must establish a strong basis in country where the enemy cannot attack easily”. The first phase basically meant that the VM must have a strong headquarter where most, if not all, of the important functions of the VM are coordinated. Here, soldiers should be trained and political strength must be built amongst the

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