Essay on The Success Of The Film Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

1880 Words Oct 17th, 2016 8 Pages
Happiness V.S. Success The idea of success has been around for thousands of years; it hasn’t been until the last 50 years where that definition has started to change. The traditional values of success have been defined in a way of happiness. As long as someone is happy with their life, and have met most of their life goals than they are considered to be happy. Along with this idea, there has always been a level of materialism in America, however, it wasn’t until the millennial generation where this materialism was taken to a whole new level. Analyzing cultural artifacts of the millennial generation such as Barbie dolls, Coca-Cola ads, cologne commercials and the film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Where in the film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the use of the establishing shot and the reaction shot really demonstrates the idea of happiness compared to success. Millennials have a false idea of success than previous generations in the fact that they base success more on materialism to a point where people get too caught up in materialism and lose their happiness due to their false idea of success. Although there are many items that represent the new-found materialism in society a great example of this is the Barbie Doll. This doll portrays the materialistic lifestyle that every little girl craves. The reason why so many people have bought Barbie dolls is because they represent something that people want. She represents the success that most people want. Many people…

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