The Success Of The College Environment Essay

1540 Words May 4th, 2015 7 Pages
Society is changing at an ever increasing rate from technology and business, to government and culture, the world of tomorrow is increasingly unrecognizable to generations past. With these changing times there is a cultivating pressure on the individual to not only adapt, but overcome through usage of innovation and critical thinking acquired through leadership development. Unlike years past, businesses are no longer charged with imbuing these skills upon its workers. As Richard Greeenwald explains, “in this new world one can no longer rely on businesses to teach young adults these skills, so it falls to colleges and universities to bestow these ever so important traits and lessons (1)”. The college environment already helps to prepare many for the challenging world whether they aspire to be a politician, architect, engineer, or businessman. Though with more of a focus on leadership development, universities can have more of an impact on the success of its graduates. Robert Sternberg put it well when he stated that “Many of the problems facing us in schools, and in the world at large are not caused by a lack of knowledge (34).” Sternberg continues to explain that utilizing ethical leadership to grow said knowledge results in one’s true success not only in today’s society but tomorrow’s world, leadership must be a priority to develop (37). Leadership gives remarkable tools to accomplish goals such as persistence, ingenuity, and integrity that orthodox college classes do not…

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