The Success Of The Chief Executive Officer Essay

1624 Words Jan 25th, 2016 null Page
There comes a time when an organization is going to make their first product. Some industries are going to struggle with initial while other companies are going to strive. What makes and industry strive is going to depend on the leadership that is associated with that company. Leadership is an important role in any organization for many reasons. Some of those reasons are going to be the product that is manufactured or the costumer service an organization has to offer. The leadership role in that industry is going to depend on the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for any organization. Apple was first introduced to the nation in May of 1976 with their first computer. This product was known as Apple 1. Apple was known for their technological advancement. Apple started to suffer as a company because no further advancement was happening. Steve Jobs, The CEO for the company, has been with the company, resigned, and then came back for his final job as a CEO. What makes the CEO have the ability to lead an industry to be the top leading company in the world? Is it going to be the products that an organization is going to manufacture? Is it going to be the technology that is going to be associated with that product? Steve Jobs had the ability to make profits for this organization. When the company wanted to add another product to the producer. Steve jobs introduce the Apple iPod. This landmark technology for music is what caused a bloom for other technologies to be manufactured by Apple…

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