Essay on The Success Of The American Dream

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The definition of success has been widely used as a catalyst for people who are hungry for more in life. What exactly is the definition of success, and why is it such a desirable concept? Being successful consists of inheriting good character and morals in order to achieve your goal in life. Hard work and dedication are both instrumental when it comes to getting what you want. Though others may argue that success is in fact the cumulation of money in order to keep you financially stable and set for you life, wealth may not always be the goal for everyone.

Park Avenue is home to America’s wealthiest and most “successful” people. The men that are fortunate enough to live in such grand and resplendent residences within Park Avenue can be seen as extremely successful because of their fortune and wealth. Many people assume that these men are living the american dream. If being disgustingly wealthy and avaricious means that you are living the american dream, then these men are definitely living it. The american dream is about starting with little to nothing and gradually working your way up to the top, or wherever you are hopefully aiming to be one day. Men like the Koch brothers are born with a head start and steadily gain more and more power and wealth throughout their lives. These are the men that essentially run our country as a result of the considerable amount of wealth and fortune they possess. As of January 2016, the Koch brothers ' net worth is a whopping amount of…

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