The Success Of Soft Drinks Essay

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Soft drinks hold fifty-one percent of the total beverage market, and for years, Coca-Cola and Pepsi companies have been the two leading and competing companies in that market. Each of the companies has been competing to outshine the other by gaining the largest market share in the beverage market with an annual value of over thirty billion dollars. While both companies were invented in the late eighteen hundreds by pharmacists, and strove to promote the idea of sociability and happiness, the two associations have managed to follow different paths. A pharmacist, by the name of John Pemberton fought in the Civil War. During the war, Pemberton decided that he wanted to invent a product that would make him a commercial success. Once the war ended, he began inventing many drugs, however, none of them were successful. So, after a move to Atlanta, Pemberton decided to try his luck in the beverage market. During this time, temperance was keeping patrons out of bars and causing soda-fountain drinks to rise in popularity. Because of the circumstances, Pemberton devoted his time to creating the perfect soft drink, and from that Coca-Cola was formed. Unfortunately, Pemberton had no idea how to advertise the newly discovered beverage and needed the help of Frank Robinson. It was Frank Robinson that registered Coca-Cola 's formula with the patent office, as well as designed the logo, and wrote the slogan, "The Pause That Refreshes." Although, Coke did not do so well in its first year due…

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